About C-Shape

C-Shape It is an innovative dental instrument that is designed to work with softer dental materials such as composites and sealants. It consists of a simple stainless-steel handle that is designed at the ends to hold removable silicone tips. The tips come in two shape designs that allow for optimal contouring of the more pliable materials used in the dental office.

C-Shape'™s Unique Design

The unique, patented design of the C-Shape instrument system uses a handle with removable silicone tips to help place, shape and mold composite restorative materials. The soft tips allow you to pack any composite type, and condense it into the prepared cavity. Voids are completely removed and the cavity composite interface is extremely intimate. Thus, the composite fillings are stronger, the marginal seal is finely contoured, and the micro-mechanical bond is enhanced, giving an ideal restoration for your patients. Post-operative sensitivity is reduced with most any composite brands, as the composites are more accurately placed and well packed into the cavity space. 

The round-ended silicone tip is designed to instrument the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth and the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth - manipulating composite was never easier! The form of the instrument takes perfectly to the tooth's natural surfaces, and under pressure, the materials are placed perfectly; hence, precious time and filling material is saved. The flat-ended tip is perfectly formed to shape and seal anterior teeth restorations interproximally. With just a few brush strokes, the composite is placed, packed, formed and sealed.


The C-Shape Advantage

  • Fillings are stronger and last longer (up to 10 years!)
  • Helps bone grafts stay in position
  • Fillings blend in seamlessly with the natural tooth structure
  • Saves on treatment time, materials, and price
  • Composite materials do not stick to the instrument
  • No bulk fills required
  • Easily molds soft dental materials

Give your patients the perfect fillings with the perfect instrument. Order your C-Shape today!

"Composites are easier to place since there is no pull back"

- Dr. G. Felen

"Works very well! It makes resins much more efficient to complete"

- K. Ducote (dental student)

"I can't believe how much I love the instrument. I'm ready to order more!"

- I. Renieris

"I have added it to my composite placement instruments."

- C. Kerbaugh