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C-Shape it

C-Shape it Handle

This handle design is ideal for using removable tips as the patented, double undercut design at the ends of the instrument effectively retains them.

  • Increased control of removable tips and applied forces = safer for your patients
  • Make the most of your time while getting the best results
  • Ideal handle design for the perfect composite instrument
  • Stainless steel handle with ends designed to securely hold the silicone removable tips

Flat Tips

The flat design is ideal for class III and class IV restorations. Using the clear matrix only as a separator, you can now "brush stroke" your composite into the perfect form in just a few moments.

  • Sensitivity is a thing of the past.
  • Your patients can get fillings that last longer and look better.
C-Shape it
Rounded Tips

Rounded Tips

The rounded tip is designed with softness to span all the hard-to-reach areas when placing filling materials. It applies a universal pressure onto the composite, using the natural tooth as a guide to get the most ideal occlusion.

  • Give your patients the best fillngs in less time.
  • Save composite material, as you learn how to use less composite to fill the cavities.

Before C-Shape It

  • Voids, increased sensitivity
  • Overhangs
  • More chair time due to more prodedural steps
  • More follow-up appointments
  • Increase cross-contamination
  • Multiple instruments needed

After C-Shape It

  • Compression leads to less voids, less sensitivity
  • Adaptability to anatomy leads to less overhangs
  • Save time with minimal steps
  • No need for follow-up occlusal adjustments
  • Single-use disposable working tips
  • Versatile for many dental procedures