Tips for a More Efficient Practice

Tips for a More Efficient Practice

It’s important for any business to run as efficiently as possible. After all, wasted time (and resources) equals wasted money. This rings just as true in a dental practice as anywhere else and is especially important when your practice’s efficiency affects your patients’ time during a dentist visit. Reexamine your office’s practices to see if any of these tips can improve your efficiency.

Practice Management System

Are you getting the most out of your practice management system? Invest in one that has advanced functions that can be serious time-savers, and make sure that everyone in the office knows how to take advantage of them. Challenge your front office staff to think of which of their daily tasks eat up the most of their time and see how a fully digital practice with the right software can help automate any of that work.

Patient Education Tools

Are your staff members spending too much time giving explanations of diagnoses and treatment plans during visits? There are more efficient ways to educate patients, such as in-office videos to view while the patient waits for his or her appointment, emailing videos to view after the visit, or sharing videos and other resources on your practice website. This method also ensures consistency in explaining dental conditions and treatments.

Efficient Dental Instruments

Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of dental tools for all scheduled procedures, sharpened, sterilized, and otherwise ready to go. Having enough tray setups and using disposable burs, prophy angles, etc., can reduce time and stress amongst your staff.

It’s also important that you’re using the most efficient dental tools to suit your needs. Consider features such as the ergonomics of the handle, tips on the instrument, and how long the dental instrument stays sharp when looking for new instruments for your practice. For work with softer dental materials such as composites and sealants, consider the C-Shape It tool. With its slender, stainless steel handle and removable silicone tips, it produces ideal contours and angles, saving patient time in the chair and materials. Learn more about the C-Shape It system on our website.