The History of C-Shape It

The History of C-Shape It

C-Shape It is a new advancement in dental technology and an innovative dental instrument designed with the dentist and patient in mind. The earliest concept for C-Shape It was developed in 2014 and there were several prototypes that were created for the concept. As of August, 2017 there are several patents pending for the C-Shape It dental instrument which should be finalized before the end of the year.

The C-Shape It was designed for softer dental materials like sealants and composites and their application in restorative dentistry. The design consists of a stainless-steel handle that is made to hold removable silicone tips. These removable silicone tips come in two designs that are perfect for contouring composites, sealants and other pliable materials often used in the dental setting.

Unique Dental Tool Design

The C-Shape instrument system is a patented design consisting of a handle with removable tips. The soft tips allow any composite type to be packed into the cavity of the tooth. As a result, the composite filling has the potential to be made stronger, the marginal seal contoured, and the micro-mechanical bond enhanced. The dental instrument allows the dentist to place composite into the prep without voids. The silicone tips are designed to be removable, single-use and disposable; this helps eliminate the risk of infection and patient-to-patient contamination.

The C-Shape It tips come in two designs – flat and rounded – which allow for composite contouring. The flat tip is used for packing material into a gap, while the rounded tip helps form a natural shape with the dental material. The round-ended silicone tip is designed for use on the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth and the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth. The flat-ended tip is designed to shape and seal anterior teeth restorations interproximally. Only a few brush strokes are needed to place, pack, form, and seal the composite.