We are so sure that you will love our product, that we guarantee your money back.

Give us a try.

We ask that you give us an honest try by equipping your office with the following recommendations:

  • have two boxes of the round tips per operatory
  • have one box of the flat tips per operatory
  • have one stainless steel handle per restorative instrument pack / kit

With this set up, you will have everything you need to start C SHAPING.

Or your money back.

Use the C-Shape, to replace your old instruments, for 2 weeks when doing your direct composite restorations.  If after 2 weeks you decide this system is not for you, simply return the handles and unused tips (we will even pay shipping) for a complete refund. Just email us, and we will take care of the rest.

We are that confident that you will LOVE it!!!