How to Care for Your C-Shape It Dental Tool

How to Care for Your C-Shape It Dental Tool

So you’ve finally received your C-Shape It? You are probably extremely eager to start using your new dental tool for restorations, sealants, and even bone grafting; but first, let’s cover the basics on how to care for your brand new dental instrument!

Cleaning Your C-Shape Dental Instrument

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – When using an ultrasonic cleaner to care for your C-Shape tool, it is important to always follow the instructions for your specific cleaner. Do NOT overcrowd the cleaner with instruments; heavier tools should be placed at the bottom, with lighter ones on top. A maximum immersion time of 10 minutes should be followed; never over clean your tools. To remove the cleaning solution from your C-Shape It tools, rinse them under water.
  • Automatic Washer – If opting to use an automatic washer to clean your C-Shape It tools, please follow manufacturer instructions. Be careful not to overcrowd the basket with tools, always load them carefully and place the heaviest dental tools at the bottom of the wash basket with lighter instruments on top. For the final rinse stage, use high-purity, soft water.
  • Manual Cleaning – For those that wish to manually clean their C-Shape It dental tools, it is important to use a “double sink system” (which includes a wash sink and a rinse sink) that is dedicated to cleaning dental tools. The first sink should be for washing your C-Shape It and the second should be used for rinsing. NEVER use wire or steel wool brushes as they can damage your C-Shape It.

After cleaning has been finished be sure to carefully and thoroughly inspect each tool for any signs of soil or fluid. If anything is noticed, please repeat the cleaning process until thoroughly cleaned.

C-Shape It Disinfection

For disinfection of your C-Shape It tools, we recommend avoiding bleaching the instruments. You should always follow any instructions from your cold disinfection manufacturer. Once disinfected you should thoroughly rinse your instruments.

Sterilizing Your C-Shape It

  • Steam Sterilization – For steam sterilization always follow manufacturers’ instructions and NEVER exceed 284° F or 3 minutes, we recommend 273-278° F.
  • Dry Heat Sterilization – For dry heat sterilization we recommend always following any manufacturer instructions. NEVER exceed 356° F; we recommend 320° F.

Storing Your C-Shape It

Before storing your C-Shape It instruments always make sure your dental tools are dry. Store your C-Shape It tools in clean, dry conditions at ambient temperature.

Got additional questions in regards to your C-Shape It? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re always happy to help!