How Long Does a Dental Filling Last?

How Long Does a Dental Filling Last?

For the average patient to assume that their filling will last a long time, or even the length of their life, is a bit off. We’re here to let you know that, unfortunately, after your teeth are treated, the filling will not last a long time. Just like something you may buy at a grocery store: everything has a shelf-life and the same concept can be applied to dental fillings. How long they do end up lasting depends on you and your dentist: the type of procedure, the size or area being treated or replaced, materials used, and the maintenance you provide to your mouth.

The Average Life-Span of a Composite Filling

While composite fillings are durable and can potentially last a long time, the fact of the matter is that they simply will not last forever. A small filling can reasonably last anywhere from 7 to 10 years, only if you’re taking excellent care of your teeth.

Why Your Fillings Require Replacement

Through time, we place stress on our teeth and the dental work done to each one of our teeth. Dental material wears down over time making the restoration less effective than when the procedure was first executed. Tooth injuries can also occur, making these unforeseen events have a great impact on treatment we’ve already given our teeth. Finally, with dental fillings, tooth decay can materialize around the dental filling. In this case a cap or crown may be the best option for these kinds of cases.

Until advancements in the dental world allow it, your dental fillings won’t last forever, but we at C-Shape It are attempting to progressively move dental killing technology forward. We make a special tool specifically for these kids of procedures in order to get your dental filling to last a longer time.