How Can Patients Benefit from C Shape It?

How Can Patients Benefit from C Shape It?

The dental field has evolved steadily over the past few decades. Lasers can help make invasive procedures much less invasive, dental implants have become stronger and more reliable, and intraoral cameras let you see what the dentist sees. But, many people do not know about the most helpful advancement that can help the most people: The C-Shape It Dental Instrument. Here are a few benefits patients can expect from this innovative dental instrument:

Fillings Are Stronger

Tiny bubbles and pockets of air can weaken the stability of a filling. Traditional dental instruments are not perfectly shaped to remove these bubbles. The rounded shape helps to avoid voids in the filling material.

Fillings Last Longer

By strengthening the filling in a cavity, it greatly reduces the risk of the filling falling out, breaking or having to be fixed for another reason. Dental professionals that use C-Shape do not have to perform corrective procedures as often.

Fillings Look More Natural

White fillings look more natural, but if they are not properly smoothed and aesthetically pleasing, they will not look as realistic. The C-Shape’s rounded design helps to replicate the look and appearance of a real tooth.

C-Shape It is also effective on more than just fillings as well sealants too. Traditional dental tools can lead to flaking and chipping of sealants which can make them ineffective. The round shape of C-Shape It makes sure the sealant adheres properly and smoothly.

Like patients, many dental practices sometimes do not even know about the newest dental advances. It is perfectly fine to ask your dentist about his or her dental instruments. If they are not using C-Shape It, let them know how helpful it will be for you if they switched to the newest high-quality instruments on the market.