The Game Changing Composite Instrument from Southern Dental Instruments

How do you define the perfect composite instrument? By definition, any such instrument would eliminate voids, save you time and money, provide a stronger restoration, and be easy to use. This may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. With the C-shape system, from Southern Dental Instruments, you are now able to achieve the perfect result. The proprietary silicone tip design allows for optimal condensing as well as perfect contouring!

C-Shape consists of a stainless-steel handle with undercuts on each end to hold the removable silicone tips in place as well as to help prevent the professional from pushing through the end of the tip. There are two silicone tip designs. The rounded tip is designed to condense the composite into the prepped site, and it is ideal for the contouring of occlusal and lingual surfaces. The flattip is designed to finely mold and shape the material in a brush-likemanner. This tip is ideal for anterior restorations.

Radiographically, post treatment, you can see a denser restoration. With the silicone round tip design you are able to pack more composite into the site, making it a stronger restoration. There is minimal to no occlusal adjustment, as this instrument allows for perfect contouring, allowing you to remove all excess composite material and have little to no adjustment needed. It also saves adjusting time because of its ease of placement. Finally, it saves money as there is less waste of filling material

No. C-Shape has been tested with a variety of composites ranging from sticky to hard and all are able to be manipulated while consistently eliminating voids, all with perfect contouring.

No. With the tips, there is no pull back and you can contour without a lubricating agent such as abond or isopropyl alcohol.

Yes. Southern Dental Instruments has found that placing sealants with the round tip design is much more efficient. Traditionally explorers, micro brushes, and cotton tip applicators are used while placing sealants. With C-Shape you get no pull back, therefore no “bubbles” or flaking of the sealant after placement.

Purchase the instrument here online at www.cshapeit.com or by calling 888-311-1491.