Dental Tools for Parents

Dental Tools for Parents

As adults, we may slip occasionally: maybe fall asleep without brushing our teeth, or neglect to floss. But, when it comes to our kid’s oral health, most parents are more vigilant. As stated in a recent CDC report, incidents of cavities are on the rise in children under five. The best way for parents to prevent decay in their youngster’s teeth is to instill proper dental hygiene habits early. Healthy, clean teeth require daily brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and regular dentist visits. Adult-supervised teeth cleaning should be encouraged starting in the toddler years with easy-to-use oral hygiene dental equipment.

Kid-Friendly Dental Tools

To make oral hygiene practices more fun, and less of a chore, consider providing kids with functional, yet playful, dental tools.

  • Plip Clip: (Ages 3 and Up) – Plip Clips are toothbrush holders secured by suction cups. They are shaped like farm or wild animals. Kids like to feed their toothbrushes into the open mouth for easy accessibility and storage.

  • Tooth Tunes: (Ages 6 and Up) – Tooth Tunes is a clever dental tool that makes brushing for 2-minutes less grueling for easily distracted young kids. Each Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays two minutes of kid-friendly music to encourage brushing longer. The harder they brush, the louder the soundbite.

  • Fun Flossers: (Ages 2 and Up) – Fun Flossers by DenTek help children learn to floss correctly. These dental tools are easy for small hands to grip. The floss is coated with fruit flavored fluoride, and the easy-grip glow in the dark handles are fun to use.

  • Surfboard Step Stool: (18 months and Over) – This kid-sized sturdy wooden step stool comes in cool seaside designs. It is just the right height to give little ones a boost to reach the sink.

  • Colgate Junior Toothpaste: (Ages 2 and Up) – Colgate Junior Toothpaste is minty, sparkly, star-studded fluoride cavity protection that kids look forward to using.

  • Dr. Fresh Firefly MouthSwoosh: (Ages 6 and Up) – This bubblegum flavored mouth rinse provides an extra dose of fluoride and a 30-second blinking cap. Just the right amount of time to achieve the benefits.

  • Crest SpinBrush: (Ages 3 and Up) – Crest offers SpinBrush in a wide range of colors, shapes and popular characters. Kids can choose from superheroes, vehicles, dolls, and much more. Research by the company demonstrated that children brushed their teeth 38 percent longer when using a Crest SpinBrush, instead of a manual brush.