Dental Sealants Have Our Seal of Approval

Dental Sealants Have Our Seal of Approval

Parents are determined to do everything they can to emotionally and physically protect their children. C-Shape It allows dentists to provide a wide range of dental services to contribute to protecting their children. A commonly used dental service are dental sealants for younger ones. Continue reading on to see how dental sealants can protect a child’s teeth now and in the future.

A child’s risk of tooth decay is, unfortunately, higher than most people for several factors including poor oral hygiene habits, sugary snacks and drinks, and genetics. It is important to protect incoming adult teeth from decay and harm, which is why dentists often recommend applying dental sealants on children’s teeth.

Dental sealants protect hard to reach areas that may be difficult for children to properly clean. These spots are typically found in the crevices between back molars. Dental sealants provide a sturdy barrier between harmful bacteria and the tooth. They are encouraged after the child’s adult molars erupt. The sealant application is simple, quick, and more importantly totally painless.

How are dental sealants applied?

To begin, the dentist will properly clean, brush the teeth, and then dry the teeth. The teeth are then individually painted on with the use of a special gel and then hardened with a light. Dental sealants can last up to ten years, but our dental staff keeps a close eye on them during regular dental exams.

Sealants are only one part of the equation. A child needs to learn proper brushing and flossing habits and practice these habits each day. Our dental staff also encourage a healthy diet with limited sugar intake. Regular dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year are also beneficial in protecting children’s smiles.