Composites Vs. Other Dental Materials

Composites Vs. Other Dental Materials

For many years, a dental patient’s only option for repairing cavities, cracks and other damage was with the use of amalgam silver (a mixture of silver, tin, copper, and mercury). However, through dental advancements over the years more dental materials such as composite resin has become available.

Dental Composite Fillings

Dental composite is a resin which is used to create tooth-colored restorations. Composite can be milled by a lab or CAD/CAM machine; it can also be stacked into layers inside the tooth for repairs. Depending upon the tooth that needs restoration, different colors and strengths of the dental composite is available and is durable and strong enough to be used for any tooth.

Amalgam Silver Fillings

Amalgam (which is a mixture of silver, copper, tin, and mercury) has been used for decades to restore decayed and damaged teeth. Over the years, however, research has shown that the mercury in these “silver fillings” can actually negatively impact a patient’s health. Some of the reasons composite resin may be a better option for treatment include:

  • Eliminates Mercury Exposure/Toxicity
  • Reduced Tooth Fracture Risk
  • More Cosmetically Pleasing

Porcelain Dental Materials

Porcelain restorations are extremely common for cosmetic purposes and can look extremely natural and beautiful. The drawbacks to using porcelain for restorations, however, include its low durability, high cost and even risk of fractures. Some other reasons a composite resin may be a better treatment option than porcelain include:

  • Does Not Fracture Easily
  • Does Not Require the Removal of Tooth Structure
  • Decreased Sensitivity
  • Affordable Restoration Option

When it comes to dental restorations that are durable, beautiful, safe and affordable, composite resins can be the perfect option. The composite material will match teeth perfectly, making dental work unnoticeable. It is extremely durable and is often much less expensive than gold or porcelain restorations.