Case Studies

In this comparison between a filling that was done with the traditional technique (as seen in the pre-op xray) and the filling that was done using the C Shape system (as seen in the post op x-ray) we see that the filling that was done with the C Shape system appears more dense in the radiograph as its shadow is more radiopaque. This filling, thus, is more emotionally stable and stronger in the body, making it a better restoration for the patient. This filling was also placed using the the bulk-fill technique, and the patient tolerated treatment well, having no post-op symptoms.

"Composites are easier to place since there is no pull back"

- Dr. Gerald Felen

"Works very well! It makes resins much more efficient to complete"

- Kaitlyn Ducote (dental student)

"I can't believe how much I love the instrument. I'm ready to order more!"

- I. Renieris

"I have added it to my composite placement instruments."

- C. Kerbaugh