C-Shape Research

What is C-Shape?

C-Shape is an instrument system that consists of a stainless-steel handle with undercuts on each end to hold the removable silicone tips in place. It also helps prevent the professional from pushing through the end of the tip. It is revolutionary in its design, and you can order one at www.cshapeit.com or by calling 888-311-1491.

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The Research Behind It

In this comparison between a filling that was done with the traditional technique (as seen in the pre-op x-ray) and the filling that was done using C-Shape system (as seen in the post-op x-ray), we can see that the filling that was performed using the C-Shape system appears denser in the radiograph. We can tell that because the shadow is more radiopaque. This filling, then, is more emotionally stable and stronger in the body. This makes it a stronger restoration for the patient. The filling was also placed using the bulk-fill technique, and the patient handled the treatment well, having no post-op systems.

The University of Tennessee Research Study


The University of Tennessee Health Science College of Dentistry – Bioscience research study was intended to evaluate how well using the C-Shape system would benefit or hinder progress when compared to traditional instruments and the manufacturer’s instructions.


After the sealant material was applied with either a traditional method and tools or using the C-Shape system, they were put in a thermocycler for 500 rounds. After this, the teeth were sectioned and examined under a scanning electron microscope. Beneath the SEM, the marginal adaptation and sealant penetration ability was then evaluated.


The study showed consistent results with smooth marginal adaption, no ledges, and sealant material penetrated the entire fissure.

C-Shape instruments provide exceptional marginal adaptation and sealant penetration. It had superior durability in much less time.

As the study shows, the C-Shape instrument can be very beneficial and has many advantages. It’s something worth considering, especially considering that the investment is fairly minor considered with the advantages it will give.

There are more uses than simply building a restoration; it can also be used to place sealants! Check it out now. You won’t regret it.