4 Things to Look For in Your Composite Restoration Instrument Kit

4 Things to Look For in Your Composite Restoration Instrument Kit

As dentists, being up-to-date with the most reliable and user-friendly tools is a great way to ensure that your patients come again and again to your office because they know that you always give them the services that they need in an efficient manner. Not only are highly trained dentists required for this kind of dental care, but instrument kits are also responsible and caring for your patience. In the following article, we will discuss four things that you need to look for in your composite restoration instrument kit to ensure that your patients get the service that they deserve.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Instruments that have a low dollar amount sign on them often translate to poor craftsmanship. Dental instruments should always be carefully crafted by manufacturing artisans that share the same standards and attention to detail as the dental professionals using them.

Clear Labeling

One thing that may seem like a no-brainer is clear labeling. But using the correct instruments at the right step of each procedure can save tons of time during restorative procedures. For example, when spreading composite material during an anterior restoration, it is of vital importance that you have a fine blade in your hand rather than a paddle instrument.

Highly-Polished Working Ends

As a dentist, when you’re working with sticky composite materials, we all know that that place and shape materials in the mouth easily is extremely important. That’s why I highly polished working ends are one of the main thought that hand when crafting the C-Shape It.

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic handles not only benefit you as a dental professional, but also the patient being worked on. By having an ergonomic handle, the dentist doesn’t have to worry about their hands becoming tired, and the tool will fit in the mouth of the patient in such a way that will allow for a more comfortable procedure.

If your dentist, and on the market for a dental tool that will change the way you work on your patience, then check out the C-Shape It. If you have questions about our instrument, and why it’s best for your patients, feel free to contact us at our office in Villa Rica, GA.